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SEACO (si.koʊ or si.akoʊ) — the South East Asia Community Observatory — is a health and demographic surveillance system (DHSS) located in peninsular Malaysia. It was established as a research platform by an international partnership of universities, and was officially launched on 20 November 2011 by Y.A.B. Dato’ Haji Abdul Ghani bin Othman in Johor Bahru. It has a Governing Board with an Independent Chair a representative of the the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, a representative of the Scientific Advisory Group, and representatives of each of the Partners. Operationally it is managed by Monash University, Sunway Campus, and hosted by the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

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SEACO collaborators include researchers at Monash University, the University of Copenhagen, Harvard University and the University of Amsterdam. Its raison d’être is to provide a base from which high quality, internationally relevant science can be conducted that will be locally, regionally, and internationally relevant.

It was established intentionally and explicitly as a generic research platform capable of supporting a wide range of multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research in the clinical and biomedical sciences, the social sciences, economics, education, and environmental sciences. At its core it is a technology for capturing and making usable, rich longitudinal data about a geographical area, the individuals, families, households, and communities within it, and the relationship between the people, their health and wellbeing, and the broader environment.

Comments from Founding Chair of the SEACO Board.

Comments from Founding Chair of Scientific Advisory Group.

SEACO is a platform supporting world-class, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

Research for a Healthy Community

SEACO is about research. However, if SEACO succeeds it is because of the generosity and support of the communities with whom we work. To ask a person to reveal private information is to ask them to trust you; and trust is something that is earned. We have strong security systems in place to ensure that data are not lost, misrepresented, or wrongfully revealed. We have been working hard to gain the support of our communities, and we are committed to the research from SEACO benefiting the individuals and the communities involved.

Our data collectors have three priorities: Keselamatan, Privasi, Kualiti — Safety, Privacy, Quality.


SEACO will achieve its vision through the collection and sharing of high quality data and methods. The protection of, and service to the communities involved with SEACO is paramount.


To develop a world class research and training site providing high quality infrastructure for conducting community based “whole of life research” that informs internationally, nationally, and locally relevant, priority questions related to population health and wellbeing.

Who we are?

The SEACO Governing Board and Scientific Advisory Group 2012

From top left : Prof Ian Smith, Dr Tamzyn Davey, Prof Mahendhiran Nair, Ms Nirmala Devarajan, Prof Abbas Bhuiya, Prof Lenore Manderson, Dr Tahir Aris, Dr Mohd Khairi bin Yakub, Mr Kridaraan, Mr Julius Cheah, Prof Shah Yasin, Prof Pascale Allotey

Seated from left : Prof Daniel Reidpath, Prof Ruth Bonita, Prof Robert Beaglehole, Prof Jamilah Ariffin

Absent : Ms Saira Shameem, Prof Anuar Zaini, Prof Ross Coppel, Prof Jacqui True, Prof Adeeba Kamarulzaman

SEACO staff 2017

Standing last row from left: Hwa Xin Ping, Nirmala Devarajan, Nitya Krishan, Malissa Jamanun, Mas Izzani Amirullah, Mak-Pee Kwang Xin, Nurul Azdurra, Ameerul, Prof Daniel, Muhd Rafi, Muhammad Hanif

Standing middle row from left: Puteri, Dr Nowrozy, Nurul Izza Azmi, Choi Pek Koon, Norliza, Raihana, Kong Wey Hon, Nadia Saad, Ruhaida Bachok, Dr Devi Mohan, Prof Pascale

Seated front row from left: Sharifah Anisfazzuha, Nur Aishah, Gan Jing Ling, Pang Sia Yen, Nur Adhaliah, Lim Chye Hui, Azirah

Absent: Matron Thavamale, Mr Ramasamy