Field Methods in Anthropology and International Development   

This unit involves an international field trip to Monash Malaysia and provides students with formal and applied training in qualitative and ethnographic field research methods. The unit consists of a two-week stay in Malaysia. This includes a field site visit, during which students will work with the Australian-based unit coordinator, local staff members from the School of Arts and Social Sciences and the South East Asian Community Observatory (SEACO) to conduct small-scale research projects, gather data in the field, analyse the data and present their findings. Students are provided sufficient and necessary briefings and introductory presentations by the academic staff at Monash Malaysia, and toward the end of their stay, they will be part of data analysis and debriefing workshops. In this briefing, students also learn about the socio-economy and development of Malaysia, and the districts in which they will conduct their research project. They will engage with the ethical issues of field research in regional Malaysia. Students will also learn about the aims, objectives and research methods of the research platform in which their field project is situated.


FGD Reports