SEACO is a partnership of research intensive universities. Partners are distinguished from Collaborators by their contribution of untied funds to the establishment and on-going core operational work of SEACO. Each partner has a seat on the Governing Board.

We are interested in a limited expansion of the Partners. We believe that a diversity of Partners brings with it innvoation, expanding the ideas about how the research platform can be used to explore substantial scientific questions that are best advanced within the context of a real community. There is no specific amount of money required to become a SEACO Partner, and any consideration of applications will balance a number of factors. Untied funding is a significant factor, but the kind of institution seeking to become a Partner and the expertise and interest they can bring will also be taken into account.

If you are interested in exploring a Partnership with SEACO, in the first instance you should contact Professor Daniel Reidpath (Director). He can provide guidance about the application process and help build a case for Partnership which will be presented to the SEACO Board.

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