PHD Students
Fangfang Li

PhD Student (April 2014 - February 2015)

Fangfang Li is a PhD candidate and anthropologist-to-be from University of Amsterdam and University of Barcelona. Funded by Erasmus Mundus fellowship, her doctoral project examines the changing traj ...Read more

Nirmala Devarajan

PhD Student (Sept 2014 - Aug 2022)

Title of thesis : Investment in Quality Assurance : Where does the value lie in research infrastructure development ...Read more

Ms. Uttara Pratap

PhD Student (Nov 2014 - 2017)

Title of thesis : Risk factors for cardiometabolic disease among children in South East Asia ...Read more

Julius Cheah Chee Ho

PhD Student (Dec 2012 - July 2020)

Title of thesis : Catastrophe and impoverishment from diabetes: an exploration of the economic burden of diabetes care. ...Read more

Yap Kwong Hsia

PhD Student (Nov 2014 - Nov 2018)

Title of thesis : Health care for the chronically ill elderly: coping measures and outcomes. ...Read more

Dr. Fanna Fatima Mairami

PhD Student (Oct 2014 - Sept 2018)

Title of thesis : Coping strategies and impact of social support on recovery following stroke in South East Asia.     ...Read more

Ms. Naleena Devi Muniandy

PhD Student (Dec 2013 - July 2018)

Title of thesis : Complementary feeding and the early origins of obesity risk.   ...Read more