Kogila Ramanathan   
PhD Student (October 2019 – Jan 2023)

Kogila Ramanathan is a PhD candidate from the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences at Monash University Malaysia. She was a former Intensive care unit nurse at the National Heart Institute. After receiving an honours degree in Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics from International Medical University (IMU), she went on to pursue a Master of Health Sciences (Clinical Nutrition) at National University of Malaysia and was a recipient of the Dean’s award. She is also a member of the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association. Prior to joining Monash, she worked at IMU as a research assistant for a nutrition intervention program at schools.Her doctoral project is a collaborative research project between Monash University Malaysia and Queen’s University Belfast. The aim of the study is to develop population-based colorectal cancer screening intervention (CRC-SIM) in Malaysia. The development of a theoretically-informed, evidence-based and culturally appropriate CRC-SIM will add new insights regarding approaches and methods of adapting and implementing successful screening programs in Malaysia and elsewhere. In addition, her plans serve as a blueprint or guide for the development and evaluation of interventions such as screening in low-middle income countries.