Scientific Advisory Group (SAG)   

The Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) supports the SEACO Executive through the technical review and monitoring of scientific activities and outputs and advice on research and funding priorities. The Scientific Advisory Group makes recommendations to the SEACO Board on ongoing and future research directions of SEACO.

Members of the SAG

Membership of the Scientific Advisory Group comprises of independent Malaysian and international scientists and experts covering the disciplines required for the core activities of SEACO. These include but are not restricted to the public health and clinical sciences, social sciences and public policy, institutional and programme management, community development and a good understanding and experience of engagement with the public and private sectors at the national and international levels.

The term of service for SAG members is 3 years, renewable for a second term on agreement of the Board. New members of SAG are nominated by the Executive and approved by the SEACO Board in consultation with SAG.

The size of the SAG may be increased by recommendation of SAG and endorsement by the SEACO Board in keeping with expanding areas of work.

The SAG approve the constitution of Scientific Reference Groups to support the Executive and provide expertise on an ad hoc basis.