Professor Pascale Allotey   
Member, Scientific Advisory Group

Prof Pascale Allotey is the former Associate Director (International) of the South East Asia Community Observatory (SEACO). She is a former Professor of Public Health in the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences at Monash University, Sunway Campus — a position she has held since 2009. Prior to that she held a Chair in public health at Brunel University, West London. Her professional training is in nursing, midwifery and public health nursing, with academic training in public health, epidemiology and medical anthropology. Together these provided an exceptional foundation for a public health research career spanning clinical, population and social science research. Pascale held one of the first three elected Honorary Academician positions to the Royal Society for Public Health (formerly the Royal Society of Health). The focus of her research has been on marginalised populations and the effects of marginalising factors on health.

She founded SEACO in 2011 with her colleagues Prof Daniel Reidpath, Prof Shahjahan Yasin, A/Prof Dharma Arunachalam, and Prof Maximillian de Courten.