Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)   

The Segamat Medical Precinct of the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences at Monash University Malaysia is co-located with the SEACO Research and Operations Office.

Medical school has expanded the clinical training site to Segamat which is equipped with teaching infrastructure and audio-visual equipment to facilitate student learning. There are 2 full time resident academic staff, both physicians, a large number of Honorary lecturers who are general practitioners as well as hospital consultants.

Year 2 students spend time at the Segamat Hospital and general practice clinics on a rotating basis. In addition, Year 5 students undertake pre-intern postings for six weeks at a time at the Segamat Hospital where they would undertake their Medicine, Surgery and Paediatrics/O&G postings using Segamat precinct at their base. We have had very good evaluation of the learning experiences and clinical exposure at Segamat Hospital and the healthcare centres. Over the year, approximately 50 Year 5 students will go through the Segamat Medical Precinct in at least one of the four core postings, and 120 Year 2 students will do their rural health postings with visits to different health facilities to gain clinical experience.

Students continue with their problem based learning (PBL) and clinical skill practical sessions and join the anatomy practical sessions while in Segamat. Video conference facilities are available and lecturers at the Sunway campus are videorecorded and made available to students in Segamat with 24 hours.

Student exchange and electives to Segamat precinct and SEACO are being planned.