Azman bin Abu Bakar

Deputy Chairperson (Headman)

Joined SEACO since 2013, Mr Azman Abu Bakar is the Headman (Penghulu) of Chaah sub-disctrict and also holds Deputy Chairperson (Timbalan Pengerusi) position in CEC Chaah sub-district. ...Read more

Mazlan bin Othman

CEC Member

Mr Mazlan play roles as Chairperson of Village Development and Security Committee (Pengerusi Jawatan Kuasa Kemajuan Kampung, JKKK) and Mosque Chairman (Pengerusi Surau) in his community area. ...Read more

Musa bin Mohamad Dar @ Uchu

CEC Member

Still working as a Supervisor is not an issue for Mr Musa for being active in CEC Chaah. Mr Musa also know as Kampung Chaah 2 Head of Village and hold other position as below : ● Head of Youth of ...Read more

SM Anuar bin Mohd Ali @ Ali

CEC Member

Sarjan Mejar Anuar is a Police Officer serving in Balai Polis Chaah (Chaah Police Station). He was also the ; ● Liaisons Officer for Sri Bali Primary School (Pegawai Perhubungan Sek. Ren. Sri Bal ...Read more

Wong Leng Chin

CEC Member

Mr Wong Leng Chin is a businessman and CEC Bekok Committee Member. Despite being busy with his business, he also take roles as : ● Chairman of Neighborhood Club (North Chaah), ● Advisor of Cha ...Read more

Noor Azimawati binti Keria

CEC Member

Ms Azimawati works as a nurse and one of the Member of Bekok “Yasinan”. ...Read more