Sg Segamat
Haji Ninggal bin Baba

Secretary and Treasurer

Haji Ninggal is a Government Pensioner. He has been with CEC Sungai Segamat since 2012 and actively participated in Sungai Segamat community. He's hol ...Read more

Abdul Rahman bin Mokhtar

CEC Member

Mr Abdul Rahman is an Engineer who actively participated in Sungai Segamat community and holds position such as : ● Chairperson of Taman Segar Kindergarten ● Advisor of Taman Segar Islamic Soc ...Read more

Haji Hassan bin Haji Sitam

CEC Member

Haji Hassan is the Head Of Village of Sungai Segamat 1 and holds a few role in Sungai Segamat community such as : ● Advisor of Sungai Segamat 1 Mosque ● Chairperson of Kampung Padang Lalang ...Read more

Ramali bin Rahamat

CEC Member

Mr Ramali was a Felda Settler and holds a few position in his community as below : ● Chairperson of Village Development and Security Committee ● Chairperson of Felda Kemelah Cooperative ● C ...Read more

Tee Siok Ching

CEC Member

Mdm Tee Siok Ching is a teacher pensioner and represents the Chinese community in Sungai Segamat sub-district. She's also active as : ● President of Abdullah Village Women's Neighborhood Club ...Read more

Mohd Noor bin Arif

CEC Member

Mr Mohd Noor currently serve as Islamic Religious Teacher and being active in the community. He also holding several positions such as: ● Deputy President ...Read more

Lam Yong Hong

CEC Member

Mr Lam Yong Hong is a Member of District Council. ...Read more