Helping hands: SEACO Youth Club helps flood victims in Segamat   

Due to the non-stop heavy rain in early 2017, Segamat, Tangkak and Johor Baru districts were affected by floods. This floods were caused by rising waters at Sungai Segamat in Kampung Batu Badak, Sungai Juaseh (Labis) and Sungai Tiram (Johor Baru), which overflowed.

Concerned with the flood situation, SEACO volunteers are gave a helping hand to clean up the flood victims’ homes and Klinik Desa at Kg Tengah and Kg Jawa Segamat Johor. Some of the victims who returned home were aided by volunteers from SEACO, who helped cleaned up the mud at the houses.

In Kampung Jawa, Encik Md Zam who is one of the flood victim suffered losses when his car was damaged by the floods.

Meanwhile at Kg Gubah, Hajah Normah’s home was flooded and the water rose very quickly into her house because it is located in a low-lying flood-prone area.

The villagers expressed their gratitude and thanks to the SEACO volunteer for the help and effort given.

Helping hands: A team of volunteers cleaning mud at one of the flood victim’s home at Kg Jawa, Segamat


A team of volunteers cleaning mud at Klinik Desa Kg Tengah, Segamat

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