(SEGAMAT, 14 August) Chairman of Johor Health, Environment, Education and Committee of Information, Dato Ayub Rahman said, SEACO research helps the government in health development of the community. Dato Ayub encourage SEACO enhance ...

22 August 2017

(SEGAMAT, 12 July) Vice Chairman of Tiong Hua Association says: professional researchers visit rural areas of Segamat to investigate diseases and risks in order to conduct data analysis which is helpful in enhancing ...

19 July 2017

The title of the article is “World-changing research efforts”. In this article, Monash University Malaysia’s vice president in Research and Development, Prof Mahendhiran emphasized that Monash University Malaysia is a leading research-led education institution. He gave a brief summary on each research platform including SEACO.

26 April 2017

The title of the article is “Segamat Pang Clans Association Ancestor Worship- awarded 116 student” . In this article, Segamat Pang Clans Association had conducted several activities including ancestor worship, annual general meeting and academic excellence reward ceremony. During the event, Pang Clans also received support from SEACO to conduct free health check for members.  

26 April 2017