Monash University Australia students at SEACO   

The South East Asia Community Observatory (SEACO) was given the opportunity to host Monash University Australia students for the study program unit titled ‘Field Methods in Anthropology and International Development’ under the supervision of Dr Narelle Warren and Dr Bruce Missingham. Dr Warren is a medical anthropologist who is interested in understanding the relationship between the lived experience of neurological conditions, biomedical representations of the brain and temporality and has been conducting her researches in Malaysia since 2011. Dr Missingham is an anthropologist with interests in the study of development and environmental movements in Southeast Asia, and education for sustainable development in universities and NGOs. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students of various majors were trained for a week from July 3rd to July 7th at Monash University Malaysia, Sunway campus before making their way to SEACO, Segamat for their field work study.

Students were divided into groups of 4 with studies focusing on health service provision, community understanding of cardiovascular diseases, access to schooling and higher education, and research local livelihoods using the sustainable livelihoods framework. Students will be conducting their field work study from July 11th to July 14th. They were briefed and had booth presentations on July 10th 2017 with their SEACO team leaders to go over final details before starting their field work. Through SEACO, students from abroad are given the opportunity to learn about the socio-economy development in Malaysia and exposes them to community approach ethics and culture. Being at SEACO will allow students to study and understand the different social, health and economy status of various household in the community of Segamat.