SEACO at Kampung Kwongsai for National Enhanced Primary Health Care   

SEACO team were invited by Sekijang Parliament to perform a health check program at Kampung Kwongsai (Kwongsai Village) Hall last Sunday, 29th October 2017 in conjunction with National Enhanced Primary Health Care.

Visitors could undergo the Blood Pressure (BP) check and ECG (electrocardiography). Besides providing free health check up to the residents of Kampung Kwongsai (Kwongsai Villange), SEACO also took this opportunity to organize data collection activities for the Census project. Sekijang Parliament also invited an optometrist to perform an eye check for the visitors. A total of 70 people took part in the health check program, with around 98% of the participants coming from the Chinese community of the village.

SEACO staff doing data collection for Census project.

SEACO staff assisted visitors checked on their blood pressure and ECG.

Visitors fill up the form at the registration counter.










Group photo with the Kg. Kwongsai Head of Village (wearing short sleeve white shirt) and representative of eye check up.