Seaco Joined Kospen Health Screening   

On 3 December, SEACO participated in the KOSPEN Health Screening event held at KRT Kampung Abdullah. SEACO has conducted several health screenings such as Blood Pressure, BMI, ECG screening and provides free consultation for visitors.

Other than that, SEACO also showcased the tokens for residents joining the latest SEACO project, Census Round and at the same time attracted their interest to say ‘Yes’ to our Data Collector.

The event has strengthen the relationship between SEACO and the community and given SEACO an opportunity to convince residents to cooperate with SEACO.

SEACO at “Saringan Kesihatan KOSPEN”.

Visitor took the chance to do a Blood Pressure check.

SEACO’s staff held free consultation to the visitor.

Visitor at Body Mass Index check booth.