SEACO Team at Skytrex Melaka   

SEACO celebrated its 6th anniversary by organising a Team Building activity last Sunday, 17th December 2017. The team building activity was held at Skytrex, Taman Botanikal Ayer Keroh, Melaka. The SEACO team had the chance to strengthen their bond and engage with each other during the Skymatch and Skytrex activities.

In the Skymatch activity, they were separated into four groups and had to work together in each group to win the telematch games.

The Skytrex activity was more of an individual one but teamwork was still involved to ensure everyone managed to complete it. They supported each other, giving advice and motivating their colleagues to continue the activity despite the challenges.

Hoping that the warmth they gained during the activity can last and strengthen their bond. Till the next event guys!

The Skymatch activity.

The Skytrex Instructor briefed SEACO staff.

Skytrex Instructor assisted SEACO’s Platform Manager wore the safety harness.

Practice session before went to the actual track.

Group photo.