Organisational Structure_   

The organisational structure of SEACO is shown at two levels. The first half of the image shows the relationship between the SEACO Board, the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG), the Community Advisory Group (CAG), and the SEACO Executive. The second half of the image shows the organisational structure of SEACO’s operational management; i.e., the day-to-day working of SEACO through the Executive and the staff. Some of the structures are aspirational. The image is clickable, so individual elements of the structure are easily found.

SAG Chair, Ms Saira Shameen SEACO Board Chair, Prof Robert Beaglehole CAG:To be established SEACO Executive -- Director, Prof Daniel D Reidpath SEACO Operational Management Administration Data Operations Field Operations Research Internships Visiting Academics/Researchers Visiting Research Students Image Map

SEACO organisational and operational structure
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