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Indigenous Day Celebration

August 16, 2019- World Indigenous Day is celebrated every year to promote and protect the rights of Indigenous people. The festival also recognizes the contribution of indigenous people in Malaysia. SEACO was invited to participate in the SAMBUTAN PERAYAAN HARI ORANG ASLI PERINGKAT NEGERI JOHOR which took place in Kg Orang Asli Huluk, Selai, Bekok. At the festival, SEACO provided free health checks and consultation.  
29 August 2019

Meet and greet with SEACO Governing Board

August 7, 2019 – SEACO has received a visit from SEACO Governing Board Members; PVC Monash Malaysia; Prof.Andrew Walker, UNU-IIGH; Prof.Pascale Allotey, Prof.Mahendran Nair & Prof.Shah; from Monash Malaysia, Dr.Asiya Odugleh-Kolev from WHO ...
29 August 2019

People shouted for a 91 years old woman to run away from the fire

The fire disaster happened at 2.30pm, in an empty wooden house in Jalan Elias Abu Bakar. According to Mr.Yau Wei Lock, the head of the village of Kg. Abdullah, after the residents from ...
16 August 2019

The South East Asia Community Observatory (SEACO) is a research platform in populationselamat_datang_segamat health and well being in regional Malaysia, a high middle-income country. It was launched on 20 November 2011. Our primary purpose in Segamat, is to collect salient and high-quality data to gain insights into the factors that affect health in a whole of life context.

Our success has been dependent on:

  • Partners who appreciate and share the vision for a large community-based research platform;
  • The community who, have been welcoming, engaged with issues that are of concern to them, and despite the lack of an immediate and tangible gain have been willing to open their doors when we come knocking.
  • Staff who are professional, always keen to learn new skills, willing to work in an environment that changes daily, patient, and most of all, appreciate working with people.

SEACO is not a traditional cohort study. It is a partnership with the community of Segamat and a greater body of stakeholders at the state and federal levels. There are people in the community who work with us, there are people who work for us, and there are volunteers who do it because they are passionate about improving “their Segamat”

Despite our relative youth, we strive to continue to serve the community into the future by providing high quality data that can contribute to improving their lives as well as enhancing the Monash University intellectual contribution to interdisciplinary research programs across public health, social and environmental sciences, demography, human geography, and the clinical and biomedical sciences.