Authorship Policy   

It is understood that the lead author takes primary responsibility for the content of a manuscript. To be listed as a co-author, each person must, at the barest minimum, have read, critiqued and/or responded substantively to drafts of the manuscript provided by the lead author. Even in the event of no changes, a co-author needs to provide some evidence of having engaged with the ideas in the manuscript. A co-author cannot and should not be included without consent.

There is a presumption that any publications resulting from collaboration with SEACO will result in one or more SEACO researchers being co-authors. This presumption follows from the necessary contribution of SEACO researchers to the project. No publication will be submitted from a SEACO collaboration without (from the early conceptual stages) discussion of the manuscript and the authorship with the appropriate SEACO researcher. The presumption of authorship does not mean that SEACO researchers are automatically co-authors on papers without contributing. It does mean that SEACO researchers should be provided with the opportunity to be included as legitimate co-authors on manuscripts. The waiving of the presumption of authorship should be confirmed by the lead author in writing. (see also SEACO and Montreal Statement)