PhD and Masters Research   

SEACO provides an ideal setting for higher degree by research students. This includes Masters and PhDs. Enrollment would be through Monash University and information is available on the HDR student website.

The SEACO platform also supports research students from other institutions who are interested in undertaking research through primary data collection, taking advantage of the research infrastructure or through the analysis of secondary data collected through the platform. For further information, please contact the SEACO Director.

SEACO PhD Students
Full name Title of thesis Department/Institution Duration/time spent at SEACO

Ms.Nirmala Devarajan

Investment in Quality Assurance : Where does the value lie in research infrastructure development?

SEACO Sept 2014 till Aug 2022

Mr.Kanason Rajagobal

The experience of stroke in informal care – giving in Southeast Asia: Is informal care-giving disabling?

GPH/SEACO Dec 2014 till Nov 2018

Mr.Julius Cheah Chee Ho

Catastrophe and impoverishment from diabetes: an exploration of the economic burden of diabetes care

GPH/SEACO Dec 2012 till Jul 2020

Dr. Fanna Fatima Mairami

Coping strategies and impact of social support on recovery following stroke in South East Asia

GPH/SEACO Oct 2014 till Sept 2018

Ms.Yap Kwong Hsia

Healthcare for the chronically ill elderly: coping measures and outcomes

GPH/SEACO Nov 2014 till Nov 2018

Ms.Uttara Pratap

Not sure yet

Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge/Welcome Trust Sanger Institute Nov 2014 till 2017

Ms.Li Fang Fang

An ethographic exploration of youth’s dietary practices in Segamat- opportunities, challenges and preliminary findings

University of Amsterdam April 2014 till Feb 2015